Question Of The Week For April 6th


How many games do you play at once?

(This is actually Strider’s video game collection.  When I asked him to take a picture of a ‘pile of games’ for me, he did NOT dissapoint! Click here for a full sized version of the picture. Thanks Strider!!)

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  1. Rob says:

    Wowamazing! Bonus points for Killer7.

    I half answered this already, so I’ll save the other half for the show.

  2. gunhaver says:

    I’m similar to Trees in that I’ll play one main game with a long story/campaign but also have a little arcade game that I can play in little bursts. I can’t simultaneously play through two games with complex stories b/c I just get lost! Currently my main game is Halo Wars but I also break up my long sessions with Peggle (XBLA)and also Bit. Trip Beat.

  3. Trees says:


  4. Frank Lloyd Wrong says:

    OH my GOD! Those are some games! Hell of a collection, Strider! Props.

    Personally, I tend to play two at a time. One will be a shooter or other type of violent game, and the other will be sports, or arcade-like, or more story based. I just end up overloading on fast paced action games sometimes, and I crave relaxation. Enough time goes by, however, and I need to blow something up. The circle of life.

  5. Oatmeal25 says:

    Generally one.

  6. Clyde Chicken says:

    I am all over the place, I will play 2 or 3 with my son at the same time just play what ever I am in the mode for. Funny how I almost never finish a game. I think the last one I played all the way trough was Bioshock.

  7. Cribbs says:

    Whatever my wife lets me. (just kidding)

    During the week I usually try to play one game per current system (360, PS3, Wii, DS, or PSP) to make sure they are getting all my attention. So it’s usually three to four. But sometimes a game is so good it just makes you forget about everything else. Take Street Fighter 4 for example.

    Currently though I’m on this retro pc gaming trip. I’m playing Diablo 2 all the time again. Amazing how that game is 10 years old and is still so good. I’m such a loot whore.

  8. StripMahjong says:

    I generally always have one “long” game going (RPG, typically) while playing 2-3 other games that can be played in quick bursts, like fighters, shmups, XBLA titles, etc.

    When a title *really* gets my attention, though, I will play nothing but that game until I finish it.

  9. Strider says:

    I try juggling 2-3 on the consoles and just the one on handheld.

  10. sha-near says:

    Wow, nice strider. I take it your not on Goozex!

    I’m always playing a racing game, that’s just a given. In the past I’ve had 2 other games going at the same time. One online and the other would be for the story/single player. Running through the list though, I have… 9 games going. 3 racers, 4 story games, pixeljunk eden, and L4D. And those are only the ones on heavy rotation. Damn, maybe I will wait a little longer til I pick up mass effect…

  11. Randal says:

    I applaud Strider’s commitment to keep his DS boxes in mint, uncrushed condition.

    As for games, I am only playing two seriously at any one time; mainly due to time constraints. If I’m waiting for someone to get to me in a game I’ll have a web-based game (Kingdom of Loathing, for example) to play while they join/get to me in game.

  12. Fatboy01 says:

    Holy crap!! that is a collection to be proud of.

    I tend to play 1 game at a time, and i play the heck out of it. I will play that game untill im done with it, and then move on to the next one.
    That dose not include multiplayer games though, as long as I have friends playing ill keep playing almost anything.

  13. Redlow says:

    I think I’m pretty much like everyone else. There’s normally one deep game I’m playing… which I play til I’m sick to death of, and then one arcade game I’m toying around with or an old shooter I’m replaying.

  14. Duke says:

    I usually focus on one game, and then I’ll jump in and out of other games based on what I feel like.

    But I play games a lot less than I used to…

  15. Swamp Donkey says:

    I really want to just play one at a time. In reality though, it ends up being a whole bunch at once. I just finished the single player to Resistance 2, while also playing Prince of Persia and Zelda Twilight Princess. Not to mention dabbling in Motorstorm: Pacific Rift, Burnout Paradise, Wipeout HD, Flower, and Nobi Nobi Boy. I’m also trying to finish the hard as hell World Challenges in Fifa World Cup 2006 for 500 Gamerpoints.

    And that’s all without mentioning the game that is occupying most of my time, because it is the most fun, Street Fighter IV.

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