EZ-Mode Unlocked Episode 267

Viva Las Vegas! Trees is back from the land that forgot Elvis, Rob is trying to make racing game talk interesting for everyone and Dana is off this week recovering from Canadian Thanksgiving. We talk cars and poorly rendered furries who break the fourth wall.

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EZ-Mode Unlocked Episode 266

What makes this week so special? THE VOICEMAILS. They really are great this week, and all we ask for is MORE MORE MORE! That’s not too much to ask right? We also get around to talking about games. Games like Vib Ribbon, Forza Horizon, Destiny, Costume Quest 2, Diablo III, Castaway Paradise, and much much MORE!

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EZ-Mode Unlocked Episode 265

This week it’s a Turbo/Dana show, and we talk about everything from sick kids, to hair falling out. We also give a touching eulogy to one of the greatest gaming spaces ever know, PS Home. So join us as we talk about that and other games like Mario Kart 8, Minecraft, Diablo III, Destiny, and so much more!

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Disney Infinity 2.0: 6 Power Disc Packs Unpackaged!(?)

I figured I made 11 Disney Infinity posts in exactly a month, I might as well do one more!

I have this strange feeling you weren’t aware, so I’m letting you know – unboxing (unpackaging?) these power disc packs is totes a thing. There’s some strange pleasure in getting to see what power discs come out of the package. What will it be? A rare? Another duplicate?! The suspense kills me!

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Disney Infinity 2.0: Guardians of the Galaxy Play Set, Rocket Racoon, and Groot Unboxing

Here we go with what is probably the most anticipated of 2.0’s launch – The Guardians of the Galaxy Play Set!

The way Guardians took off is just plain nuts. I don’t think anyone expected it, but I’m glad it happened. Like I’ve been saying since they came out and were instantly loved: the world can always use some more super heroes. I cannot wait to watch it. Yes, I know, I’m the only person in the galaxy who hasn’t seen it yet.

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Disney Infinity 2.0: Spider-Man Play Set and Venom Unboxing

The Spider-Man Play Set!

This was the 2nd play set (next to The Avengers) that came bundled in the Amazon Premium Value Pack. Beside the price, this is a huge reason why I went with the bundle. The kid is a huge Spider-Man fan and I knew out of all the play sets he’d want to play this one most. Not to mention the fact that it’s based off of the Ultimate Spider-Man cartoon which we both watch and enjoy.

The play set came with Spider-Man, of course, and Nova.



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Disney Infinity 2.0 Starter Pack and Captain America Unboxings

The day has finally come! Well.. it came.. close to a week ago. But still! Disney Infinity 2.0 launched!

I don’t know if my excitement comes from the actual game, or from my dramatic month long build up leading to it. Or maybe it’s both! ..Yeah, it’s totally both.

I’ve decided, in the interest of organization and easy archiving, I’m going to break this up into a few separate posts. Unlike the Disney Infinity 1.0 Madness post I did when I first picked that up. So without further ado, let’s get on with the unboxing!

As mentioned in the video, we were fortunate enough to be able to pick up the Amazon Premium Value Pack (which by the way is still available!) In that pack we received the Starter Pack, the Spider-Man Play Set, Venom, Captain America, Rocket Racoon, and a pack of Power Discs. It was the best deal as far as I could find, and you know me, I take pride in finding the best deal.

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EZMU Infinity Corner – The Wrap-Up


I know, you’re probably tired of all this Disney Infinity 1.0 talk. I don’t blame you, I kind of spammed the blog over the past few weeks. But hey, what’s one more post, right?! Haha.

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EZ-Mode Unlocked Episode 264

Dana goes solo a few times this week, but Trees is here too! We get a little off topic this week, with things like TV firmware, phone fans, My 600lb Life, school pickups, Disney Infinity characters, and then we really get down into the the hard topics like is Johnny Depp played out? Let’s discuss. We also get around to talking about games. Which ones you ask? Games like Destiny, Diablo III, Rayman Legends and SO much more.

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EZMU Infinity Corner – The Toy Box

ezmu corner toy box

Happy Disney Infinity 2.0 Day! It took a lot of work but I’m finally getting the last installment of EZMU Infinity Corner out. And just in time too!

So now that all the play sets have been talked about, you would think that’s it. Well you are wrong, Kemosabe! (I’m going to start calling everyone that from now on)

When you’re buying into Disney Infinity, the main draw would be the play sets. They’re your levels, your core gameplay and what will probably come up if someone asks you about the game. But in reality, the play sets are only half the game. The other half that makes it a complete package is the Toy Box!

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