EZMU Infinity Corner: Pirates of the Caribbean

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Now you know this has been a long time coming!

With Disney Infinity 2.0 less than a month away, I got the wild idea of building up to it. It’s been about a year since my last writing project (time flies!) so this seemed like the logical thing to do.

What am I doing exactly? Well I’m reviewing Disney Infinity, of course!

Now I know what you’re thinking…


And you are absolutely right, Boromir. Which is why it’s not just any review. I’ll be going through whatever aspects I can think of – the Play Sets, the figures, the Toy Box – whatever makes Disney Infinity what it is, I’m going to try and talk about it all in less than a month!

I know not many of you in EZMU are into the toy to game genre, but hopefully what I’m doing here will help you understand, at least the Disney Infinity side of things,  why this game – the world, the play sets, the figures – is so appealing.

I’m starting off with the 3 Play Sets, and all the figures that belong to them, that were released in the starter pack. After that I’ll work my way through the other Play Sets then the Toy Box. Another reason I’m doing this is to have a nice sturdy foundation going into 2.0. Since all the characters I’m about to go through like a mad man can be used in 2.0′s Toy Box, it’ll be great to have all this information handy. Especially if you want to go back to play these if you never did before.

I know it sounds like a lot, and trust me, it is! But this is something I just decided to do so I’m going to have to live with my procrastination.

That said, let’s get on with it, mate!

The Play Set


The Pirates play set is up there as one of the better, more adventurous play sets. You’re a Pirate of the Caribbean, so naturally, there’s plenty of seafaring. Matter of fact, you can almost tell the play set was based around the sailing of your ship because it’s so wonderfully done it’s reminiscent of Assassin’s Creed 4′s naval elements. Everything from the flow of the sea and the effect it has on the motion of your ship, to the battles you have with other pirates, it’s impressive on all fronts.


And that’s a good thing because like I said you’ll be seeing a lot of your ship. The story is going to have you going from island to island and they’re not exactly next to each other. On top of that, there are quite a few smaller islands you will come across that you can dock on to explore. It’s worth it to take your time and explore them too because they are home to a lot of treasure as well as those addicting red capsules.


Of course, the captaining of your ship isn’t everything. The main story of the play set has you trying to find a mystical weapon to help keep the Kraken at bay while you take care of Davy Jones. And in order to find the pieces of this weapon you have to search various islands and traverse their dangers. There’s a good amount of platforming involved in all the islands as well as Davy Jones’ crew waiting for you to show your face. Throw in a few good puzzles and you’ll find this to be one of your favorite play sets!


I’m a huge fan of the Pirates of the Caribbean universe and this play set does it tremendous justice. You’ll get to interact with other characters you may remember from the movies. Speaking of the movies – Davy Jones, Mr. Gibbs, Pintel, and Ragetti are all voiced by their original actors – which is pretty freaking awesome if you ask me!

With all it has to offer, you might find yourself a little saddened when you discover you’ve seen all the islands. But even when it’s all done there’s a reason to keep sailing around, and to my 4 year old it’s an insanely good reason.


The play set will run you about 7-9 hours to complete depending on how many side missions you want to do and how many collectables you want to collect. I just finished my second playthrough of this play set because Seb accidentally started a new game over the save file  (something I really hope they fix in 2.0). But even though it hurt to see that progress gone, it was fun and worth it to do it again. Truth be told, I’d probably do it again if Seb wanted to. That should tell you something!

The Figures

Figures are insanely important in Disney Infinity. Not just for playing the game, but because half the fun is collecting them. So they have to be eye-catching, they have to stand out, and most of all they have to be as detailed and stylized as the others or else they’ll stand out for the wrong reasons.

The figures are special in the sense that you’re essentially (and arguably) buying DLC for the game. So having a physical representation of your investment is a great thing to have. And if you’re a lover of Disney like we are in this house, then you’ll know the figures are a huge reason for getting into Disney Infinity.


On top of being able to play as the character, each figure comes with their own Adventure. These Adventures are little games that are personally crafted towards each character. They’re  great little extras that nab you extra spins in the vault so you can get more cool stuff to play with in your toy box.

And I just realized it’s going to be extremely hard to not get embarrassingly excited over every figure so I hope you’re ready.

Now, onto the goods!

The 3 Pirates figures have great details and are awesome to play as. I’m not sure if it’s because they’re one of only two franchises in Disney Infinity 1.0 that are based on real actors as oppose to animation, but it may be a factor in their coolness. It’s easy to make a stylized version of an animated character, but it’s a little harder to do it with a real life actor and pull it off. Since it’s so spot on and perfectly done, it’s hard to put the Pirates (or Tonto and the Lone Ranger for that matter) in the same league as the other figures.

Captain Jack Sparrow


You find me someone who did not fall immediately in love with Jack Sparrow, and I’ll show you someone who cannot be trusted! If you’ve ever wondered why I (and Trees) have always made such a big deal about the quality of these figures, it’s because of the details.

Capt Jack profile

I mean, look at Jack. His hair, his guyliner, the buckles, his compass; he even has that flamboyant stance that only Jack Sparrow can properly pull off. To get this guy in the starter pack was one smart move by Disney.

In combat, Jack is Jack. He flows with his swordplay and looks graceful compared to the other two. Holding down the attack button even gets him to do a little turn in the air before he delivers a powerful swing of the sword. His secondary attack is the flintlock.

His Adventure: Sparrow’s Flight - A timed collecting game where you have to avoid and traverse obstacles in order to collect as many Infinity Orbs as you can. Cool part about this one is you’re able to use the toys you’ve collected! So hello to the Incredibles’ hover board and Buzz’s rocket pack.

Jack is also featured on a series 1 power disc that gives you a 10% economy boost. He also has a Crystal variant to his figure which is exclusive to Toys R Us. The Crystal figures gain XP faster than regular figures and have a special area  in the Hall of Heroes.

Hector Barbossa


Barbossa is a great figure for a number of reasons. Aside from the awesome detail in his clothes (and hat!), he’s the only figure that has a prop to pose with (the barrel). And what an awesome pose it is.

Barbossa profile

Looking like he’s ready to kick some barnacles, he’s got that crazy look in his eye that reminds you of Geoffrey Rush’s character. And as if all his awesomeness wasn’t enough, he’s got Jack the monkey to help point out the way for him. GREAT touch there. Love it.

While fighting, he’s much more aggressive than Jack. No fancy turns here, he is aall about business when sword fighting. When you hold the attack button down it’s a straight jab of the sword and his secondary attack is the flintlock.

His Adventure: Barbossa’s Blockade - A game where you have to fight a certain number of enemies at every checkpoint in order to collect orbs. There are random toys like blasters from Toy Story and firework backpacks from Monsters University that spice up the combat since you’re not allowed to use your toys you’ve already unlocked. It’s a fun little game where you race against the clock to try and get a high score. The enemies get harder as you progress so it becomes more of a challenge to reach the gold and more spins.

Davy Jones


Let’s be honest. Davy Jones is probably one of the figures you saved for last to get. I don’t blame you. Jack and Barbossa are more than enough to enjoy in the play set. But let me tell you he grows on you both as a character in the game and a figure. He’s currently Seb’s favorite to play as right now and he’s played him so much he has a gold statue in the Hall of Heroes!

Davey Jones profile

At first glance, he may not look worth it. But check him out! Go ahead, look, I’ll wait…

See it right? He’s an awesome figure! The claw, the leg, his tentacles on his face and wrapping around his sword , the barnacles all over him… he’s a great, great figure and a sweet addition to your shelf. Totally worth it just to have him if you’re a fan of the movies like me.

Fun fact I mentioned earlier: Out of the 3 Pirates in Disney Infinity, Davy is the only one voiced by the film character’s actor, Bill Nighy.

When sword fighting with Davy he is what you’d expect – more power, less grace. I love the way he uses his claw in his combos since that seems like something he would do. When you hold down the attack button he whips that claw around and smashes it into the ground. His secondary attack is the flintlock.

His Adventure: Davy Jones Collects Souls - Another timed game, this one showcasing how much of a badass Davy Jones is. You have to fight and defeat as many enemies as you can until time runs out. Pretty straightforward and fairly challenging considering how they gang up on you. Especially those bomb throwing turtles. Ugh, let me tell you..

And that be the Pirates of the Caribbean Play Set, matey!

I’m really excited to keep going with the rest of the figures and Play Sets. So I’m hoping you dug the layout and everything here.

Until the next one!


How did you like the post/what I’m doing as a whole? Anything I’m leaving out? Let me know!


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Congrats to Dwiggy for winning the MLB The Show 14 tournament!

Also don’t forget Mario Kart night Sunday at 9;00pm est!

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The Destiny Beta and Why I Started Caring


The Destiny Beta came and went this past week and it was enough to make me a believer. If you’re not following (and I’m sure you are if you have the slightest idea what I’m talking about), the internet was set ablaze by the galactic fire Bungie started with the beta for its long awaited game. The beta gave everyone a chance to try it out (and more importantly, provide the developers with valuable feedback) and it gave me a chance to discover what all the talk was about.

Destiny has been on everyone’s tongue for a while now and that gave me enough reason to stay away from it. I do not enjoy getting ran over by the hype train because when I do there’s a good chance I come out disappointed. Thinking Destiny wasn’t for me, I didn’t care about anything concerning it. Then the first day of the beta, while I was walking my dog, my neighbor randomly asked if I had a code. I replied no, and he said he’ll send me one. Why not, I thought. It’ll give me a chance to see what all this hoopla was about. I had nothing to lose and tried it out the next chance I had. Man, I feel like baking that dude some cookies.

That opening sequence was enough for me to get into it. I wasn’t really sure what to expect since I haven’t been paying attention to anything about it, but I knew right away that I had been missing out. Playing more did nothing but continue to solidify my reasons for wanting this game. And by the time the beta was over, the desire went from want to need without a second thought. I honestly felt the days of getting excited for first person shooters was behind me. That I had grown out of that skin save for the few urges of getting repeatedly killed in Call of Duty by camping 12 year olds. But these few, short nights of being in this universe made it clear I just needed the right type of shooter in my life.

Destiny Beta_20140722232744

If you took a second to stop and look around, you’d see some pretty amazing scenery.

Having never played an MMO, or Borderlands – two comparisons that are always made when talking about Destiny – I feel like I’m going into something fresh. And that’s one of the most intriguing aspects when thinking about picking it up. As I mentioned, me and FPS’s haven’t really clicked like we used to. Might be boredom from the same old stuff or just growing out of it and becoming a different gamer, either one could be accurate. But there was something about playing the beta that instantly sold me.

Was it the story? Digging its hooks in me the only way a good sci-fi space setting can. The social aspect? Ever present while running around everywhere you go, constantly reminding me that co-op is encouraged and can be a great time with friends. The gameplay? Trekking through space and detailed planetary landscapes with your character you created who you’re addictively leveling up and making stronger. Or maybe it was the similarities with Mass Effect that did me in. Filling a void in me with unique characters, space exploration, and the constant feeling of having to save the galaxy.

Whether it was one or all of those things, the fact is I became hooked in a matter of minutes. The gameplay felt quick, fluid, and familiar while also feeling new. The settings and graphics were crisp and beautiful leaving me in awe of silly things like menu screens.

Destiny Beta_20140722225721

Menu screens…

At times, I couldn’t believe it was a beta. Usually, betas cause more headaches and disappointment than what they’re worth. But this felt so polished and smooth that if you told me the game was being released next week I wouldn’t doubt it.

Destiny Beta_20140724225927

Oh, and Bungie did something extremely cool too that I’m still wishing so incredibly hard I was able to be a part of. On July 26th, at 5pm est, they opened the Moon! My God, how cool does that sound?! It was an event that they wanted everyone in the beta to take part in. For about 2 hours, the Moon was open and you were able to take your ship and fly to it for a special mission. I knew about the special event thanks to that message above that popped up, but had no idea what it was. Thinking it was something that was going to run through the evening, I did the silliest thing and spent time with my family at the pool instead of playing. We came home from grocery shopping at 4:30 (I wasn’t eyeing the clock at all), and I turned on the game trying to sneak in a quick 5 minute session. I didn’t even have time for that and at 5:03 I had to turn it off before I even got past the title screen. It wasn’t until later that I found out they opened the Moon (I can’t stop saying that). And to top it off, I found out it was open for 2 freaking hours! I probably could’ve got in there close to 7, but I didn’t have time to even check twitter and see what was going on. So yeah, I’m still bummed that I missed the special mission and the big surprise event for the beta. And I think I’m even more bummed I missed the super exclusive nameplate emblem you get to tote around that shows you were there on the Moon when they opened it up to stress test the game.


And it wasn’t till a few days after that I realized they totally announced it the day before! Ugh, excuse me while I go bang my head against the wall some more.

There are plenty of reasons to go head over heels for Destiny and being able to play it showed me some of those reasons. I was so convinced, I went out and preordered it the other day. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find the insanely sweet Limited Edition available for preorder anywhere. Yes, I know what I said about Limited Editions in the past and how much of a different gamer I am now compared to when I loved them, but I went looking for it. I wanted it, no, I needed it. Feeling like this will be one of those games you stick with for a while, and not to mention one of the only two games I’m looking forward to purchasing this fall/holiday, I wanted to make it special. And you know me, steelbooks are my kryptonite.



I’m perfectly fine getting the regular Limited Edition too. The Ghost Edition is pretty damn sweet but that price is steep for my wife to consider without laughing at me wallet. Still though, if I had the money, I would get it without even thinking. I mean, look at how crazy that Ghost is! It talks! did I mention it talks? And it lights up! Did I mention that?? It freaking talks and lights up!

Speaking of your Ghost, I wanted to talk about Peter Dinklage. I’m sure everyone is familiar with his work and his talents as an actor. If you’re not, how big is that rock you’re living under?! So because you’re familiar, when you see his name on the credits for Destiny, your first reaction is to get giddy and excited. But when the Alpha dropped and everyone heard his voice as your Ghost, well, no one was as thrilled as they should’ve been. I remember it was the only time I sought out a video of the game because I’m a huge fan of Dinklage’s work on Game of Thrones. And I was fairly disappointed myself in what I found. It sounded like he was calling it in, like that passion that you usually hear in his voice just wasn’t there. It was saddening but in a way I wasn’t too hurt because I wasn’t into the game then.

wizard dinklage

I started thinking, what if he was really over thinking the whole being the voice of a computer thing and felt the way he delivered his lines was exactly how he thought a Ghost would sound? I mean, he’s an amazing actor and he’s done voice work before. So I couldn’t really figure out what would have been the reason for such a blah performance from him.

But when I was playing the Beta, and first became acquainted with my Ghost, something clicked instantly. I found myself enjoying his voice work a thousand times more than I did when I was just watching the Alpha videos. Maybe it was something about the slight computery effect in the voice, or maybe it was being in on the action instead of just watching, but I was totally, without question, digging Dinklage’s voice as my Ghost. Don’t get me wrong, there were a few lines that still sounded like they were not thrilling enough for the actor to voice, but for the most part, I was happy to hear and follow Lord Tyrion through space.

No, that didn’t make passing on the Ghost Edition of Destiny any easier.

With all that said, it’s easy to see I’m excited. I’m usually a strong believer in “if you’re a fan of this type of game, then you’ll like it, but if you’re not, then you won’t.” But I am proof that doesn’t work here. Because I’m a huge fan of this type of game. I can get lost in it and play it for hours without even noticing. But I had no idea I was and I probably would have still been on the other side of the fence not caring about all this hype. I’m blaming my love for Mass Effect for getting my interest peaked enough to open myself up to Destiny. If my neighbor giving me the Beta code was the gun, that love for Mass Effect and space operas was the bullet.

And I’m in critical condition with a shot to my chest.

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Toad Smile > Luigi Death Stare

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EZ-Mode Unlocked Episode 257

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EZ-Mode Unlocked Episode 256

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ATTENTION!: The Live show recording of EZMU will now be taking place on Tuesday nights! See you then!

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I just peed myself.

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