EZMU Infinity Corner – The Lone Ranger

lone ranger corner

The Lone Ranger play set was one of the first to be released and the last set of figures I picked up to complete my collection. If you asked anyone who played it, they’d tell you it was one of the best play sets available for 1.0. Which makes me wonder why it took so long for me to pick up.

Maybe it has to do with never seeing the movie. But I couldn’t let that stop me anymore so I added it to the shelf and started playing despite not knowing the story behind it. I kind of feel bad for reviewing it and not knowing what it’s based on, but I have to do what I have to do, so let’s go.

The Play Set


Sweet little fun fact about that Play Set piece: As reported on Infinity Inquirer, back in January the piece was changed from the original piece which featured a pistol and a tomahawk, to this piece that has 2 pistols. As if I didn’t already regret not picking up this set earlier! Check out your collection to see if you have the old set piece. If you do, I’ll trade ya :)

Alright, right off the bat I could tell why this set is so loved. Being a fan of the Wild West, this scratches that itch rather nicely. The main area and where you start out is the town of Colby. But with Silver unlocked early you’re able to explore the wide open world with great haste. And I mean wide open. This set is huge! As you progress you’ll be able to unlock it an area at a time, and once you do you’ll find yourself busy for quite a while just happily riding around completing quests.


Speaking of quests, there’s a good mix here. Most play sets have the same formula when it comes to side quests, and the way they feel different is the setting or characters used. But something about here makes it feel different. Not exactly sure what it was but something about this play set felt fresh and again made me regret not picking it up sooner. Maybe it had to do with fighting off the gang of outlaws, or all the quests with the train. Whatever it was, it was a welcome change.


There’s a lot of focus around that train. It circles around the opening area at first and once you open up the other areas you can change the track and have it go through them too. You’re doing a lot of customizing on the cars, changing them and using different ones to take care of various tasks throughout the towns. It’s a great mechanic that is fun to set up and execute. Having to get the train to stop at the station, change the cars, make sure whatever it’s picking up is activated, change the track to make sure it’s going the right way; it’s just good fun. I love how the horses are faster than the train too. You can have these moments of trying to catch up to the train, just like in every Western ever, if you forgot to change the track to go a certain way or something.


In the play set you’ll also be able to unlock a great and unique toy – The Crow Wing Pack. Sadly, we didn’t unlock this till we were done with the story. When equipped, it allows you to turn into a crow and fly around! I was wondering how to get all those capsules that were floating around in midair, and with this they can be unlocked with ease. Using this in the toy box with any figure seems like it would be a blast too.

Overall I really enjoyed the play set. The fact that it’s the only play set with 2 figures makes it easy to get the full experience with minimal effort. If you’re a fan of the character, the movie (I’m assuming. Seb and I both have an urge to watch it now), or just Westerns in general, then you’ll love it too. There’s a ton of great fun to be had in it and a load of space to do it in. You can’t go wrong with it.


The Figures


What is great about The Lone Ranger play set is there are only 2 figures and they both come with the play set piece. So unlike every other Infinity play set, you’re done collecting these figures in one purchase.

I said it in the Pirates of the Caribbean review, they do a great job with the figures when it comes to movies with real life actors. Makes me wish they went with more figures like this.

The Lone Ranger


I love how Disney brought this character back to life for a new generation. My dad used to talk about The Lone Ranger a lot since he was/is a huge fan of Westerns. I’m telling you, despite what I’ve heard, I’m getting this movie.

Lone Ranger profile

The figure has a great stance that looks like he’s about to draw his six shooter. There’s some sweet detail here – the tail of his jacket and the ends of his mask flapping in the wind, his hat so low it’s almost hiding his masked eyes – I feel like the figure captures the character excellently.

The main focus on combat in the set is his pistol. It’s easy to fire off all six shots and satisfying the way they pop instead of bang. He also has a shoulder charge but you’ll hardly ever use it.

His adventure is Ranger’s Riff-Raff Run-In: This is a pretty fun adventure! You’re riding Silver through this arena that is well disguised as a valley of some sort, and you’re given what looks like Buzz Lightyear’s blaster. You have to ride around and take out as many outlaws as you can before time runs out. They spawn in the same places and don’t get harder, but thanks to one-shot kills, there is fun to be had. Just riding your horse around, shooting bad guys, getting spins in the vault… You have to try this one.

The Lone Ranger also has a crystal variant figure that is exclusive to Toys R Us.



Another character brought back to life by Johnny Depp. In the trailers for the movie, Tonto seemed to be neck deep in all the action which isn’t usual for side kicks. I’ll admit I was skeptical for the movie since his character seemed more focused on than The Lone Ranger, but now he’s one of the reasons why I’m excited to check it out.

Tonto profile

The figure also matches the personality nicely. Just a straight stance with a focused stare holding a tomahawk. It’s plain and boring compared to other figures, but knowing what I know of Tonto, it’s perfect.

He has the same shoulder charge as his Kemosabe, but instead of a gun for long range combat, he throws a tomahawk. The differences between the pistol and tomahawk is enough to make them feel unique and I never compared the two like I did the Pirates.

His adventure is Tonto’s Spirit Sight: This is a great adventure if you enjoy using the crow wing pack you unlocked late in the play set. You start off at the top of a high wooden structure and you need to fly around to collect orbs for points. I had a lot of fun because I really enjoy the flying around. It’s not as great and smooth as flying Iron Man in Lego Marvel Superheroes, but you’re flying a bird so it’s going to be different.

Fun fact: If you’re not paying attention, this is the 2nd figure in Disney Infinity that is modeled after a Johnny Depp character.


And that’s The Lone Ranger! Here’s the unboxing video to round out the review:

It’s also the last play set to review in Disney Infinity 1.0! Bringing the total number of play sets to 6, I can only hope DI 2.0 can at least match that much content.

Speaking of which.. We’re less than a week away!! I managed to get all the play sets reviewed in this short amount of time and that’s great, but what about the rest of the figures..?

Stay tuned!

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EZ-Mode Unlocked Episode 263

This week we’re all back together to talk about birthdays, console purchases and games games GAAAAMES! This week we talk about Mario Kart 8, Mario Bros U, Destiny, Tomodachi Life and so much more!

There are a TON of multiplayer games going on in the community currently, so be sure to check the forums for games nights and parties to join. As always, Mario Kart 8 is on Sundays at 9pm est.

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Recording Live Tuesday at 7:00 PM EST


Click the big giant graphic to head to our Ustream page.

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EZMU Infinity Corner – Toy Story in Space

Toy story corner


This is the play set that I couldn’t wait to get my hands on. I mean, you’re playing a game where your toys come to life and it’s featuring a movie where your toys come to life. It practically developed itself!

I’m a huge fan of the Toy Story franchise because it reminds me of how I was with my toys growing up. With so many great characters it’s a shame you only get to play as 3, but there is plenty to still love about it.

The Play Set


This is in my list of top 3 play sets as far as everything goes. I’ve never met anyone who did not like Toy Story, so it’s safe to say that if you’re a fan of the universe or the characters, then you’ll love this play set. It is jam packed with characters from the movie that you seem to run into almost everywhere. It’s a great way to expand the universe you love and an even better way to experience it.


You’ll be doing a lot of little quests, the same types you’ve been doing for all the other play sets. The story itself is pretty darn cool and probably the most out there one in terms of being true to anything. Matter of fact, I think it’s the only play set that isn’t really based on anything from the movies, probably why it’s titled Toy Story in Space.  Meaning unlike Monsters University which takes place during the events of the movie or Cars that takes place after Cars 2, this isn’t following any story from either of the 3 movies and is more like its own little adventure. Which let me tell you, is pretty freaking great. It fits perfectly with the toys and will kind of remind you of the opening of Toy Story 3 where you wished you could watch a whole movie just like it.


The unlockable toys you can collect here are up there as some of the best. I’m namely talking about Buzz’s jetpack, which you can use to fly around like the Space Ranger himself. It’s not really flying though, as it’s just cruising on a straight plane. There’s no elevating and no smooth way of descending. So you can fly around to your hearts content, as long as your starting point is somewhat off the ground. Still though, it’s one of the best and fastest ways to get around. More awesome toys include 2 blasters that fire 2 different types of goo – one shrinks you, the other makes you bigger. Fun, fun stuff!


There’s not really too much more I can get into without spoiling anything. There are a few areas you can explore and both of them are fairly vast. There’s also a training simulator where you can train your combat skills against Zurg Bots. With the size of the play set, the amount of missions to keep you busy, and the characters you interact with, It’s incredibly easy to recommend and love this set.


The Figures


There are 3 figures for the Toy Story play set: Buzz and Jessie who come with the play set itself, and Woody who is sold separately. They’re not exact representations of themselves but they have that Disney Infinity stylized look and it’s great.

Buzz Lightyear


Woody said it best: Buzz is a cool toy! Look at him, standing there tall (kinda tall?) and proud as a Space Ranger should be. He was my favorite through all the Toy Story films and the love doesn’t stop here.

Buzz profile

They nailed his space suit amazingly. He’s riddled with buttons and patches on his arms and chest. I’m kind of a fan of his helmet being down as well as his wings. Makes him look like he just finished busting up some Zurg Bots. His jetpack stands out a lot from the back and it’s a nice feature to have. Makes the whole space suit look more realistic looking… as realistic as it could be. I mean, space suits are big and bulky right? And that’s how he looks, which is great. That’s what I’m trying to say. Ok? ok.

Now here is where I get fairly disappointed. Buzz’s attacks consist of a shoulder bump and throwing the Pixar ball. The Pixar ball, you know the Pixar ball..


Yeah, that’s all the Space Ranger gets. Now, he does get access to his blaster sooner rather than later, and it makes up a lot for his lack of attacks. But still though, I was a little disappointed.

His adventure is: Buzz Lightyear, Save Me! – In his adventure, you’re utilizing his jetpack and trying to zoom around picking up townspeople to bring them back to the center of the stage. There’s Zurg Bots randomly around to cause you trouble, not to mention you’re floating around in space so there’s the chance of falling.

The game feels a little lacking but like all the others, the sense of time running out makes it fun. The first are slow but once you start having to travel farther and farther away to collect townspeople, that’s when the excitement starts to pick up. Check it out!

Buzz has a crystal variant figure that’s exclusive to Toys R Us. He’s available on his own or in the Race to Space pack with a crystal Lightning McQueen.



Jessie joins Buzz as one of the 2 toys that come packed in with the play set. Her pose fits her perfectly, with her sunny personality. It also compliments her outfit which is awesome too, with the cow skin chaps and the controversial big red hat. She’s a great figure and a nicely done representation of her character.

Jessie profile

Sadly, her moves are the same as Buzz’s. Or lack of moves I should say.

Her adventure is: Jessie’s Critter Corral - Not only are her moves the same, but so is her adventure more or less. Only this time you’re wrangling critters that are all spread out instead of townspeople. I admit though, I enjoyed this one a little more. You get to ride around on Bullseye and don’t have to worry about falling into space since it’s on one whole piece of land. It’s a good time despite no jetpack or blaster.



Woody is the 3rd figure in the Toy Story play set. Or the first, if you go by release dates since he came out almost a month before the actual play set. His figure is spot on with his long and skinny arms and legs. And his pose fits the sheriff lovely. I love how his pull string is so prominent in the back since that’s a big part of who he is.

Woody profile

Again, he suffers from the same lacking moveset. A shoulder bump with the Pixar ball.

His adventure is Woody’s Round Up – It’s a race! You’re taking Bullseye around for 3 laps. Doesn’t sound like much but the saving grace is you have a blaster that you need to shoot obstacles and Zurg Bots out of your way.

I would have loved racing against other people rather than just racing to beat the clock, but it’s still fun because of the blaster.


And that is Toy Story in Space! One of my favorite play sets with some of my most disappointing figures.

Don’t get me wrong. I know I’ve been dogging them but I can’t really blame them. Aside from Buzz, Woody and Jessie don’t really have an offensive to begin with. So giving them something like a melee combo would’ve been out of character. I get that, and I forgive it. But still though, Buzz should’ve had a little more. I guess they depended on the toys you unlocked in the play set to carry the combat and luckily they do. As I said, they’re awesome toys and have the ability to carry the figures with no combat.

So the bottom line, even with those cons, this is one of the play sets to pick up. With the package as a whole you won’t be disappointed as a fan of the franchise.

Now excuse me while I go play more Destiny before Disney Infinity 2.0 comes out in one week!!


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Destiny’s Hidden Star Chart Code Discovered!

So I mentioned in my review of the Destiny Ghost Edition there was a key of some sort on the back of the Antique Star Chart. It was something that caught my eye as soon as I saw it and I knew it was there for a reason.

I started pouring over the Star Chart as well as the Arms & Armament book because I felt like that was significant too.


As Slaterific, everyone’s favorite Pizza Guy, pointed out in the comments of the review, I had carelessly glanced over the fact there were more characters missing from the key than just vowels. Turns out there’s a total of 12 missing letters and numbers – 4 numbers, 4 consonants, and 4 vowels. But what did it mean?!


After holding the map up to the light half expecting the stars to mystically light up to show me the way, it got to the point where I was ready to start brushing lemon juice on the back of the map as if it was the Declaration of Independence. Sadly, no matter how many times I watched National Treasure, it didn’t help me.


I felt it was time to go to the webs. Turns out I wasn’t the only one who was breaking their brain over it. There were a few threads in reddit and the bungie.net forums of people having the same struggles I was. A few figured out the missing characters were all the characters that were considered invalid entries in the redeem a code section of bungie.net. That proved this wasn’t random and was surely a code to be entered. Only problem was no one knew how or where to find the code.

Then I noticed a fairly long paragraph marked as the answer to the topic. When I started searching the web I knew all I wanted was a hint and not really the answer, I read slowly till I got what I was looking for. And I found it there.

This guy cracked the code! Maybe he didn’t and he found it somewhere else, who knows. All I know is I found out where to start and that was all I needed.

Where do you start? Right here…


If you’re thinking it looks familiar, it’s because it’s a diagram of our solar system. Located on the bottom right hand corner of the chart, it looks like it’s just part of the design.


But together with the key on the back, the diagram turns out to be the cipher.

There are 9 planets in our solar system (#Pluto4Ever), and as it turns out, there are 9 characters in bungie.net codes..


There are a total of 22 dials on the rim of the diagram, with the one on the 3 o’clock hour having an arrow on it. And there are a total of 22 characters in the key listed on the back of the chart, with the same arrow pointed on the A…

Are we getting excited yet?!

You should be because you’re doing the rest!


That’s right, I hope you weren’t expecting me to draw out the deciphered key and then end it with telling you what the code is. Because there’s no fun in that! Heck, I already feel like I told you too much.

This was an insanely intriguing little easter egg that Bungie put in there. And I’m not going to completely rob that from you. So go ahead and have fun with it. Sure, you can just go to the thread I linked to and find the codes that are eventually listed, but you’d be cheating yourself of Bungie’s little gift.

Oooooh. Codes. I said codes, didn’t I? I must have forgotten to mention there are 2 diagrams. One on the Star Chart, and the other in the Arms & Armament book!


I hope you enjoy the mystery and puzzle solving like I did.. Well, aside from looking for where to start. Here’s to hoping some more hidden codes are out there somewhere.

Safe travels, Guardian.

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Destiny Ghost Edition Unboxing & Review

Ghost unboxing and review

Now I know what you’re thinking..

And the answer is yes, I did swear off buying Collector’s Editions. If you know who I am, then you know I used to buy them more often than not. And you’d know that it wasn’t too long ago that I accepted my age (to a point) and came to the realization  that I had been wasting my money for years with nothing to really show for it.

Of course, if you do in fact know me, you’d also know I have a problem. I’m a collector at heart. I’ve been this way since I was a kid, and when something like this comes along it’s hard to ignore it.

Destiny is out now. And it’s arguably the biggest, most anticipated game we’ve had in a long time. I didn’t care at all for anything that had to do with it. But as I talked about it in my last Destiny post, the beta changed my mind. Ever since it came to a close, I was ready to pre-order. Not only that, there was something about the world, how much I loved the beta, the expectations of the game, and Bungie’s reputation; it had me ready to put my money down again for another Collector’s Edition.


Only problem was they were sold out. Everywhere! Wherever I asked I was just laughed at. I was going for the Limited Edition because at the time, the Ghost seemed unnecessary for the money and all my better judgement went against the thought of it. So sticking close to a good thread in a forum for gaming deals, I was able to get the announcement of the Limited Edition coming back in stock on Amazon. So I went in, pre-ordered and couldn’t believe how lucky I was. Then I though I was extremely lucky when I went back 5 minutes later and it was sold out again. I was now ready for Destiny.

But the more time went on, the more I kept hearing about the Ghost Edition. The more I heard about how rare it had become, the more the collector hairs on the back of my neck sang “woo, woo, woo!”. It came to the point where I decided if it ever came in stock I would order it and then decide. Sure enough, about 4 days before the launch, I got a notification on the same thread and pre-ordered the Ghost Edition. And just like before, 5 minutes later, it was gone.


Knowing how much I enjoyed the beta, and how much I’ve been longing for the type of gaming experience Bungie has been promising, the Ghost Edition become more and more the right choice for me. I mean, I was already ok with paying $100 for the Limited Edition. For $50 more, I can have a really well made replica for what could be my favorite current gen game so far.

So the Limited Edition got cancelled and I was happy knowing the Ghost had my name on it. In those few days, the demand for the Ghost Edition continued to boil wherever I looked. Even with early unboxing videos I poured over I found it difficult to feel regret.

Why? Let’s see!


First of all, let me say how lucky I am. Not only because I’m able to own and unbox this, but because my box is in perfect shape. There’s a loooooot of problems going on with these Ghost Edition boxes. The way they’re shipped or something is causing the cardboard to crack and tear and break. Retailers are having to offer up to $60 back in refunds so that’s good, but still it’s a shame. The box is pretty cool.


Kind of a heavy, dense feeling cardboard. With the Destiny symbol and the crest with the insignias for the Titan, Hunter, and Warlock. All embossed and nice feeling. It’s a sweet package.

Ok, here’s everything that’s included in the Limited Edition so you can know the differences between the two:



  • You get the game in a sweet looking steelbook. And again, if you know me, you know how much of a sucker I am for steelbooks.


  • With that you get the Expansion Pass. At $35, when you break it down, you’ll figure it covers the majority of the extra cost in the Limited Edition. So basically, you’re getting everything minus the Expansion Pass for $5! That’s why the Limited Edition made so much sense to me.


  • More digital content in the form of a special emblem, a red casing for your Ghost, and a ship variant. Along with the Vanguard DLC which came with pre-ordering the game at most retailers.


The red casing for your Ghost matches the one that came in the Ghost Edition. So in game, you’ll have a red Ghost while those who didn’t get either upgraded edition has a white one. The ship variant is pretty sweet as well, looking extremely upgraded compared to the first ship you acquire.


  • Up next is the Arms and Armament book that is packed with numerous sketches and photos of characters and weapons you’ll find throughout the game. It’s an art book disguised as a field guide.




You can see all the little notes left behind by Guardians who had their hands on the book before. I breezed through it because I haven’t had time, and what I’ve seen was amazingly impressive! Lots of notes, lots of pictures and information. It really brings life to it and makes it feel part of the game. Too bad it itself is not leather bound and it’s just paperback. It probably would’ve been one of my favorite gaming art books (which I’m also fairly crazy about).


Also, I’m finding a few scribbles of numbers and letters throughout the contents of the Limited Edition. Maybe there’s a secret message to be deciphered?



  • The Arms and Armament field guide is found in a leather feeling Guardian Folio where you’ll also find these Postcards from the Golden Age when all was right in the galaxy:



  • letter to new Guardians from when (guessing) the darkness took over the galaxy.


  • And an antique star chart that looks and feels amazing! It’s printed on a sort of waxy paper that feels extremely unique to me, and the smell is.. well, it’s out of this world, that’s for sure. I’ll definitely be looking into framing this bad boy.








I noticed some more scribbling and a key of some sorts on the back of the map. I haven’t heard anyone talking about this before, and I can’t help but wonder if it means anything. Maybe something to decipher? I noticed all the vowels are missing, except for the “A” which is marked with a line. Hmm.



And that’s the Limited Edition! For $100, that’s what you get. Like I said, it’s well worth it if you’re planning on picking up the Expansion Pass anyway.

Now, onto The Ghost Edition:

  • In addition to everything you’re getting in the Limited Edition, there’s a little envelope that contains Golden Age Relics.


In there you’ll find a sticker from the Cosmodrome, a patch and a photograph from the mission where we first made contact with The Traveler (I’m assuming), and negatives from (again guessing) when we first discovered The Traveler.

And then finally, the reason for the Ghost Edition.

  • Your Ghost.


In a unique red casing, your Ghost hits you front and center as soon as you open the box. It has 2 modes – lights, and lights with sounds.



Both modes are motion activated. So after a bit it shuts off on its own until it senses something in front of it. The lights mode is just that. But the sound mode is pretty cool for a few reasons. Not only does it make sounds as if it’s hovering around or analyzing something, it is also voiced by Peter Dinklage just like in the game! And it’s not just copy and pasted lines from the game either. This is loaded with unique phrases that are worded as if the Ghost is real and alive. When I first figured that out I was impressed and figured I’d make a video trying to capture all the phrases.

Aside from the technical stuff, it has a satisfying weight to it, which only makes it more worth it. Sadly though, it doesn’t have any type of stand which would’ve been appreciated. It also doesn’t spin around in the back like it’s digital counterpart. But it doesn’t take away from its awesomeness.

It comes with a USB cable to charge it and its own instruction paper which just explains what the modes do, a reference guide, and trouble shooting.


I had insanely high hopes for the USB cable. I knew it was for charging, but I was hoping hard it did something more. What? Well, I tried to plug it into my PS4 while playing the game to see if the lines the Ghost says in the game comes out through my Ghost. It sounds doable and was really hoping I discovered something so awesome. But what happened? Nothing. Nada. Nothing but sadness happened. Still though, while it would’ve been a great bonus, it’s ok that it doesn’t have any connectivity like that.

So that’s the Ghost Edition! I decided to do this because it’s the most expensive Collector’s Edition I ever purchased and so far, the one I’m most happiest with. Much thought went into going through with the purchase. I guess knowing I was going to enjoy it and that I’m not too into any other games this fall (save Disney Infinity), I thought the splurge was in order.

And a long, drawn out talk about Collector’s Editions on EZMU wouldn’t be complete without an unboxing video! Seb was pretty funny in it, I must admit. And to give you a post-unboxing update: The Ghost might as well be superglued to this kid’s hands because he never wants to let it go. Thanks, Bungie.

Looking at it and seeing the quality of everything in it, I think it’s safe to say I’m still not feeling any regret. Which I’ll be honest, I thought I was going to be feeling the second I opened it.

I guess everyone was right all these years… it’s ok to trust Bungie.

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EZ-Mode Unlocked Episode 262

It’s Dana’s birthday today! It was also Trees’ birthday a few days ago! Happy birthdays!

Rob and Trees continue to struggle with audio issues, but we keep it going with voice mails, Destiny, Mario Kart, Infamous, and community news and talk.

Play Destiny with us! Most of us are going to be on the PS4, but there are some Xbox people in the wings, too. PS4 people – go to the link below for info, and Xbox people… make a thread and get it going!


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EZMU Infinity Corner – Cars


Cars! Ok, let’s not beat around the bush. This is the play set no one recommends. Poor Cars, they have feelings too, you know. As well as a conscious, giant eyes, and probably organs if you really want to go down that rabbit hole.

Look, I’m not here to talk about all the crazy theories behind Cars and their origins. I’m here to talk about their play set!


The Play Set


Yes, everyone will tell you Cars is their least favorite play set. The one you should skip. Well I’m here to tell you if you’re a fan of the movie or universe in any way, then give it a shot.

One thing that I really liked about Cars is the same thing that I really liked about Monsters – it feels completely different than any other play set I played before it. If you’ve done nothing but play the starter pack play sets and then jumped into this one, you will be instantly impressed with how different everything feels.


Think about it. You’re controlling a car. So regular buttons for walking, attack, block, have all turned into accelerating, breaking, and boost. You have a different mind set when playing it and like I said, if you like the universe then you’ll get some enjoyment out of it.

As far as the story goes, it takes place after Cars 2 and is set in Radiator Springs.


Thanks to the 4 year old, we’re well versed in both Cars films having watched them roughly 10,374 times. Each. I can tell you how many times Mater freaking blinks. Anyway, being able to drive around and explore Radiator Springs was fun on its own for both of us. It felt insanely open and there are caves and mountains and everyone familiar is there doing something. Which by the way, since it’s a stat I’ve been giving, most of the voice actors are original from the film which never ceases to be great. Except for Chick Hicks. He’s still not great. I don’t know if Michael Keaton voiced him in the game, but I still wouldn’t mind punching him in the throat. I digress..

The main aspect of the play set as you would imagine is racing. Like Monsters, there’s no bad guys, so no need for real combat, just racing racing racing.


But it does get spiced up when you acquire upgrades for your Car in the form of missiles, machine guns and mines a la Cars 2. All that craziness turns the regular races into a Cars themed Mario Kart which is pretty fun to be honest.


Another focus of gameplay has to do with performing stunts. With a stunt arena you open up by progressing in the story, you’ll be able to go nuts with stunts. While it’s totally fun, it feels a bit off since it’s not really big in the Cars universe, but I get it, what else can we do with a car based game.


Besides racing and stunts, you’re looking at a bunch of fetch missions and small things of that nature. How does a car do a fetch mission, you ask? It uses a tow cable! They’re not just for tow trucks anymore.


Personally, I had no problem with anything the play set threw at me. I enjoyed the openness of Radiator Springs and being able to find little hidden roads and caves even after 7 hours of playing. I also loved how different it played compared to the other play sets. As I mentioned, that’s a huge redeeming quality of Disney Infinity.

Something I would’ve enjoyed more? I would not have minded the play set be like Cars 2. I told you, the kid made me watch both those movies till the blu rays cracked, and out of the two I loved the sequel way more. Just thought it was well done, action packed, and intriguing. It was certainly not what I was expecting, which was basically nothing. Don’t let that take away from Radiator Springs though. It’s still an iconic backdrop for the play set and worth checking out for fans.

And that’s what this all boils down to. If you’re a fan of Cars and the characters, then you should check out this play set because you’ll enjoy it in a few ways. But if you’re on the fence and don’t really care for the universe then you’re more than likely going to find this boring and not worth your time.

The Figures


There are 4 figures in the Cars play set. Two come with the actual play set -Lightning McQueen and Holley Shiftwell – while the other two are sold on their own – Mater and Francesco Bernoulli.

I’d love to sit here and tell you they each have their own pros and cons, but they sadly don’t. They are very much like the 3 Pirates in that they’re basically the same but they just look different. Difference with the Pirates though is they had different looking sword attacks. I didn’t really find anything that set the cars apart from each other. Which sucks because I felt the Cars required a little more of a necessary distinction.

I could sit here and tell you Lightning should be the only one that can match Francesco’s speed but have better handling, or that Mater shouldn’t be able to do the same stunts as Holley, but that’ll be getting into a negative game journo mentality and there’s enough of that everywhere else right now. Instead, I’m going to remind you that it’s ok if things are not insanely accurate. It’s a kid game based on a kid movie, after all, and to get bent over the lack of such differences between characters would be silly. Think a kid that picks this up cares about Mater being able to beat Francesco in a race? Heck no! He’s happy he’s playing as them and would probably think it’s awesome. Sure, it’s freaking fantastic if there are noticeable differences like between The Incredibles, but if there’s not, guess what.. it’s still fun.

I like little details like their eyes scrunching up when they’re driving around, or the different sounds they produce. I also love being able to use all the weapons you unlock in the Toy Box. It leaves a whole world of fun to be had with them in there.

And that’s what it’s all about. The Cars figures are just good ol’ fun. So let’s start checking them out.

Lightning McQueen


Lightning is the face of Cars and the most detailed figure. Looking like he’s in his ka-chow pose, he’s one of the cooler figures to own whether or not you like the play set.

Lightning Profile

In his bright red paint job and covered in decals, he’s easily the most detailed and visually pleasing out of the 4. Not only that, he has a nice weight to him compared to the other figures I’ve covered already. And I love me a nicely weighted figure.

His Adventure: Lightning’s High Jinks - In this you’re in the stunt arena and you’re trying to collect as many orbs as you can in the given time limit. It’s pretty fun as you’re jumping up ramps and going through pipes trying to collect the orbs that are worth more. Makes you want to practice driving around so you’re not wasting any time. While I would’ve loved something with drifting, this was still good.

Lightning has a crystal variant figure as an exclusive at Toys R Us.

Holley Shiftwell


Holley is the other figure that accompanies Lightning in the play set. She is featured in Cars 2 as a partner to fellow spy, Finn McMissile. Who unfortunately didn’t make it to the game.

Holley profile

As you can see, there’s not much to her but her curves. No fancy guns or hidden standard issue jet system, just her. So unfortunately, compared to the other figures in the set, she doesn’t really stand out much. I guess that played in the decision to pack her in the play set with Lightning instead of Mater or Francesco.

Of course, this is just talking about aesthetic qualities. Remember, the cars all play more or less the same. So you’re not losing anything gameplay wise if you play as her. Just as a figure she’s not very appealing compared to the others.

Her Adventure: Holley’s C.H.R.O.M.E. Training - Now this one is easily the most fun of the Cars adventures. You’re put in an arena and there are several different power ups around much like Mario Kart. And you use these power ups – missiles, mines, machine guns – to take down enemies that spawn throughout the arena. The longer you go, the harder the enemies are to take down. It’s crazy fun trying to get a high score. If you’re going to play one Cars adventure, this is the one.



Everyone’s favorite tow truck! Easily Seb’s favorite, at least. Taking a look at him, I may take back what I said about Lightning being the more detailed figure.

Mater profile

It’s easy to get Lightning right, but Mater’s faded colors and rusty browns make his details stand out more. From the different colored hub caps to his tow cable swaying around back there above the A113 license plate, he is a pretty sweet looking figure and I’m sure fans of his love it. Like Lightning too, he’s up there in weight. And I love that because the weight makes it feel even more special as a figure.

His Adventure – Mater’s Tow-Go - You’re towing! That’s what I like, when adventures focus on what the figure/character is about. You go around this map looking for cars to tow and bring to their designated areas. Red cars go in the red area, blue in the blue, etc.. It’s a sorting game and it’s pretty fun if you’re into it. It’s not the first adventure based on this type of game and I’m sure it won’t be the last, but it’s still a good time.

Francesco Bernoulli


Alright! Are you ready?! I saved the best car for last! Here he is, the Italian racing sensation! Why is he the best car? Eh, no reason. He’s just my favorite character from Cars. But I can’t take his hilarious and winning personality into account here, so I’ll just leave it at that.

Francesco profile

He’s the last figure in the Cars play set. Like Lightning, he’s an eye catcher, with the bright red body and vibrant green on white that make up the Italian flag. With his signature smug look about him, I love they decided to add him as a figure.

He’s definitely a reason to be sad for all the cars being the same speed. I would’ve loved to zoom around as him with only Lightning being able to catch up. But it’s still all good and fun.

His Adventure: Francesco’s Fracas - In this you’re racing. Again. I can’t say anything bad about it though because it’s exactly what I was expecting. You’re racing 3 laps against the other 3 Cars figures in the set and you get gold (more spins in the vault) by getting in first place by a certain time. It’s a fun race and it reminds you you can make your very own track in the toy box. Something that I’m sure would be worth the effort for racing fans out there.


And that’s Cars! The first play set we’ve covered that was not included in the starter pack. Are you a fan of this one? Who’s your favorite?

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EZMU Infinity Corner – The Incredibles

EZMU Incredibles

The Incredibles play set is another one of my favorites. If you’re keeping track, this is the final play set in the starter pack! I already covered Pirates of the Caribbean and Monsters University, so go check them out.

Even though it takes place in some alternate universe where Syndrome wasn’t blown to bits, it doesn’t take anything away from the film. Matter of fact, everyone except E (who was voiced by Brad Bird, the director) and Dash are the original voice actors! I love when stuff like that happens.

The Play Set


The main story has you trying to save Metroville from Syndrome and his group of villains he put together. You get to explore the open city and neighboring island either by foot, helicopter, glider, hoverboard, you name it, all while attempting to rid it of bad guys and Syndrome’s Omnidroids.


Sounds like a lot of vehicles, huh? Well it is! Some of my favorite in Disney Infinity come from this play set.


The hoverboard is an amazing way to get around and is fun as heck. And the Incredicopter, while being fairly overpowered, comes at the best time towards the end of the play set when crazy powerful Omnidroids are overrunning the city.


Even compared to Pirates, I feel like this play set is the most action packed. A constant flow of baddies to beat up would probably make it feel the most fun too. Being able to explore and traverse the skyscrapers while trying to complete all the different side missions make the city feel alive. If you’re interested in collecting all the red capsules (who isn’t?!), you’ll find a lot of platforming is needed to get to the higher buildings. And with the missions, it’s like every one has you doing something different throughout the map.


Bring something somewhere, go defeat this baddie, find this person and help them. All in between clearing your path of Omnidroids that seem to pop up everywhere. The inclusion of familiar faces from the movie help bring everything together too. As if being able to play as the Incredibles with all their unique powers wasn’t enough.


The powers! They are so well done it’s almost beautiful. Think about it – you have 4 different super heroes with 4 totally different powers that you can play as. And each and every one feels completely different and unique and can showcase their power lovely.


Everything from Mr. Incredible’s super strength – picking up Omnidroids and tossing them at each other and whatnot – to Dash’s crazy fast speed shown in his sprinting ability and the way he delivers his combo; it’s all just.. incredible.


My favorite though has to be Violet. Her power is just insane. But I’ll get more into that later when I talk about the figures.


Speaking of which!

The Figures


With 5 in total, the Incredibles play set has the most playable characters in Disney Infinity 1.0. And even though 5 is a pretty big number considering they all go to one play set, they’re all so incredibly different it’s a joy to collect and play with every single one. All their strengths and powers are captured so well, any fan of the movie will have a blast playing as their favorite Incredible.

Mr. Incredible


Being one of the 3 figures in the starter pack, there’s no way you can miss out on playing as him. As far as the figure itself goes, it’s a perfect representation. If you compare it with the other Incredibles and Syndrome, you’ll notice Mr. Incredible is freakishly big, and rightfully so! Looking like he’s ready to pound some Omnidroids into scraps, I think they did really good with him.

Mr Incredible profile

And he plays just like he looks. Heavy hitting, not exactly light on his feet because he doesn’t really need to be. Though, that doesn’t mean he’s not able to dodge some of the bigger attacks from the powerful Omnidroids. His signature attack is a ground pound that sends a shockwave through the ground damaging whatever it touches. When you’re overwhelmed by Omnidroids, that little move comes in handy! Overall he’s a fun figure and perfect as one of the three you get right out of the box.

His adventure: Mr. Incredible, the Hero – In his adventure you have to save townspeople trapped in snow globes. You have a set time limit to find and destroy the snowglobe before Omnidroids do. You have to save 3 townspeople in order to win the gold and the most spins in the Disney Infinity Vault. It’s a cool little race against the clock that can get exciting with a lot of baddies in your way.

Mr. Incredible has a crystal variant that is exclusive to Toys R Us.

Mrs. Incredible


Her figure matches her frame and thin profile perfectly. Her stance looks very acrobatic and screams that she’s light on her feet.

Mrs Incredible profile

All of her attacks take advantage of her stretching ability. Every punch and kick is stretchy and she finishes up her combo with both arms and one foot flying out in all directions in an attempt to hit whatever is surrounding her. Her signature attack is flinging her arm straight out and getting it to stick to something so it could pull her closer. It’s rather ..handy.. if you want to quickly beat up far away baddies or make a fast getaway.

The more you play with her the more you feel how quick she is. I mentioned her looking acrobatic and that’s a good way to describe her fighting style as well. If you’re the type to stick & move when fighting then she’s your girl.

Her Adventure: Mrs. Incredible’s Grab-It - In her adventure, you’re trying to put as many townspeople into a designated area as you can before time runs out. There are also criminal townspeople you can throw in a jail as well. Some are around the ground level, while most are on rooftops. You need to use elevator platforms to make your way higher to grab and throw the people to safety.

You’re equipped with a glider and it helps because there are a lot of air cannons that shoot you from one rooftop to the other. It’s a really fun layout and you can have a blast with just getting shot around by the cannons. The point is to use her stretchy grabbing hand to reach for the townspeople to pull them to you quicker in order to save them. If you’re looking to beat your scores it’s a fun little game.



Her figure is very similar to her mother’s, only her stance appears as if she’s ready to throw out a force field. Which is awesome considering it’s her primary offensive.

Violet profile

Heavy emphasis on offensive. She is probably the most fun of all the Incredibles to play with. Every attack utilizes her force field ability, so she’s constantly flinging shock wave after shock wave at baddies. A nice touch too is a force field protecting her when you press the block button.

Her special attack is unique to only her and Randall from Monsters – invisibility! And boy, is it useful. At the touch of a button you’re completely invisible and able to sneak past anything and anyone.

She’s 1 of 2 that can naturally do it, but there’s a toy you can unlock that can grant any figure the invisibility ability. So in a way it’s not really as unique for her, but still.

Her Adventure: Violet’s Stealth Mission - I must say, not only is she the most fun to play as, but her adventure is also the best so far. It’s a stealth game where you have to try and sneak around during the night and collect bubbles while avoiding the search lights of Omnidroids. It’s a top-down adventure and it works amazingly well. Trying to sneak around in the dark without touching the searching lights was very reminiscent of Metal Gear games where you try to avoid the cone of vision in the minimaps. Aside from search lights, there are also Omnidroids patrolling that you have to avoid. Overall it’s an insanely fun game to try and get a high score on, and possibly one of my favorites.

Power Disc Bonus: In series 3, Violet is featured on a power disc that can give any figure her force field’s ability to become invulnerable.



I’ve already semi-reviewed Dash, but I’ll go over it again here.

His figure sums up his character rather well. A very confident and borderline cocky look about him, and for good reason.

Dash profile

Because he’s a great figure/character! Comes in just behind Violet as the best in the set. His powers are perfectly reflected in the game making him the figure to go to when you want speed.

His fighting style is what you’d expect – fast, energetic, all over the place. A combo that delivers punches and kicks at crazy fast speeds. He’s definitely fun to play as.

His special attack is his dash ability. Speeding off into a full sprint, you’ll find he’s a lot faster than the cars and hoverboard you’d find in the Incredibles play set. He also takes out whatever he runs into, so expect cars and Omnidroids exploding in your wake. The saddest and most disappointing thing about Dash though? He can’t run on water! What a freaking bummer!!

His Adventure: Dash’s Data Dart – Another top down game where you’re collecting. You’re trying to collect as many yellow orbs as you can while avoiding rolling red & blue spheres. It’s simple at first but as you progress things like sand traps and pinball bumpers make for a challenging game. It’s almost as exciting as Violet’s Adventure when you’re trying to outrun the spheres, so I highly recommend this one to try out. Although, despite it being Dash’s adventure, you’re not able to use his dashing ability! What kind of craziness is that?! Still good though.



With the classic and confident “nothing can stop me now!” villain pose, crazy hair, and cape flapping in the wind, Syndrome is an awesome looking figure. He rounds out the rest of the Incredibles as another perfect recreation of the character in the film. I remember when he we first got Disney Infinity, he was in the initial purchase and I recall him being my favorite character visually. I don’t know if it was the cape, or the color scheme of his outfit, or the hair (probably the hair), but I really dug him!

Syndrome profile

If you’re a fan of the Incredibles, you know that Syndrome is using gadgets he’s invented to make himself look like a super. And it’s weird, but you can almost feel that through playing his character. Compared to the Incredibles, With a combo utilizing his rocket propelled boots, Syndrome feels a bit sluggish, but it doesn’t take away from his ability to bust up some (of his own) Omnidroids. Especially when you use his special attack!

Syndrome’s Zero Point Energy is fairly overpowered, but that’s fine by me. Those Laser Omnidroids were beyond frustrating sometimes, but thanks to his “power”, you’re able to just zap them up and toss them in the water. It was a great move making that into a toy for all your figures to use in the toybox.

His Adventure: Syndrome’s Sorting Sprint – The objective here is to grab the townspeople with your Zero Point Energy, and fling them towards the adjacent roofs so they’re safe, all while you and they are on numerous conveyor belts getting pushed off the building.

It was a little rough at first, but once I got the hang of it, it was pretty fun. The townspeople are getting dropped onto the conveyor belts as are Omnidroids that you have to dispose of. You have to work quickly and remember you cannot save all of them. I was going nuts trying to make sure none fell but you’re not penalized or anything so you’re good. Bottom line, like the others, it’s worth checking out if you like to try and top your own score.


And that’s that! The Incredibles! The biggest play set in terms of figures. Man, I feel like I’ve been writing for hours, there’s so much to cover with them. Still though, they’re all worth it and full of fun.

That also wraps up the 3 play sets that come with the Starter Pack along with all their figures. I’m totally happy I decided to do this because it’s getting me insanely hyped for 2.0. Just to feel that rush of excitement when you’re collecting those figures from scratch. It’s an awesome feeling and crazy fun. Which reminds me, now that all 3 play sets are out of the way, here is the unboxing video from when we first got the starter pack.

Also, here is the sidekicks pack featuring Barbossa, Mrs. Incredible and Mike Wazowski.

I could’ve sworn I did the villains pack as well, but that pack may have been ripped open before the camera was turned on. Remember, Seb and Randall..

Looking forward to going on with the rest! Which will be next?! We’ll see!

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EZMU Infinity Corner – Monsters University

EZMU Monsters

Here we go with Play Set numero 2 we’re checking out for EZMU’s Infinity Corner! This is the second out of 3 play sets I’ve covered that come in the starter pack for Disney Infinity. If you weren’t paying attention, I already did Pirates of the Caribbean and went ga-ga over the ability to navigate your own pirate ship. Now, some say this is one of the weaker play sets, but I have reason to back it up and I’ll get into it later. For now though, let’s check out what it has to offer.

The Play Set


The Monsters University play set is what you’d expect from a movie with no real villains. Your goals consist of helping out students, pranking Fear Tech, collecting stuff, and other similar objectives. Even though it’s not action oriented like the other play sets, I still enjoyed it because it showed the range of the game and did what it could while staying true to the movie it was based on.There are a lot of collectibles to be had here in the form of school flags, not to mention “find all these (things) and (do whatever to them)” type missions. So if you’re into that and collecting in games like I am then get ready for fun! As far as the missions go, the ones where you had to sneak around Fear Tech’s campus at night stood out to me. They were fun and exciting as you were trying to sneak around the flashlight wielding security guards to your goal.


Another sweet thing that goes with all the collecting and stuff is the platforming you need to go through in order to get stuff. There’s a lot of climbing buildings and jumping from ledge to ledge, finding ways to get up to where you need to go. It’s not much to do to collect things, but when you have to work for it it makes it three times as fun.


Speaking of fun (that’s what college is all about, right?! ..Seriously, I’m really asking, I went to boring Culinary School), this play set captures and focuses on what the students at MU loved to do – pranking and scaring.


You can set up these awesome traps that the numerous amount of NPC’s walking around can fall for. Like the one pictured above for instance slaps them clear across campus or into a wall, depending on where you point it to. You can even have them pointed at each other and have students infinitely slapped around from prank to prank. And there’s actually a mission that makes you do that! Come on, tell me that’s not a good time!


Scaring is another big part of gameplay. There’s a dedicated button for sneaking around and another button for a roar. These buttons follow the 3 monsters wherever they go, whether it be the Toy Box or the Play Set. You use the roar to sneak up on guards or bullying Fear Tech students in order to scare them senseless or send them running. It’s a form of combat in the Play Set and is genius when you think about it.

Now onto the elephant in the room. If you’re a regular gamer who picks this up, I would understand if you thought this was the weakest play set in the starter pack. At times it gets repetitive and there’s no real action happening besides the sneaking missions, toilet papering trees and statues, and the paintball arena.


But you have to remember this glorious thing about Disney Infinity: Yeah, you’re really playing one game, but these play sets are basically games in themselves. They’re each going to have their own feel, their own world to explore, their own gameplay. The Monsters play set is a great example of how different these experiences the game is giving you can be.

Not to mention the fact that Disney is all about the kids. At the time of purchase, Seb was crazy into Monsters University, and for good reason, it was a great movie. So as you’d imagine, this was the first play set we went through and completed. We both had a blast with it even though I noticed the slow parts here and there. I think it was another great decision to include this one as one of the free play sets in the starter pack.

The Figures


I love the figures for Monsters University. No they don’t have super powers or are swashbuckling scallywags, but they are easily the most vibrant and colorful figures in Disney Infinity. Looking at them reminds me I’m playing a Disney game and I love it.



There are 3 playable monsters in the Monsters University play set and Sulley is the one you’ll definitely get to play with since he came in the starter pack. And he’s perfect as one of your firsts, being able to show you how different these figures can be compared to each other gameplay wise.

Sully profile

The monsters don’t have any fancy belts or costumes. Actually, they’re basically naked, haha. You’re welcome. But they’re still pretty detailed in their spots and vibrant colors. And that’s something I love them for.

He has two different means of attack: a shoulder charge, and since scaring is a huge part of the play set, a roar. As I mentioned, a big part of some missions is scaring other monsters by sneaking up on them and roaring. It’s a fun and brilliant alternative to the usual beating up you’d see in other play sets.

His Adventure: Sulley’s Paintball Brawl – In his Adventure, you’re dumped in an arena where you have a bunch of Fear Tech students that you have to fend off with your trusty paintball gun. The more you take out in the time limit, the more spins in the Vault you get.

It’s a fun little game with warps and a fairly big arena with lots of cover, which is great for paintball. The baddies come in waves so you’re not overwhelmed. The only thing that I didn’t get was why paintball? I mean, I would’ve imagined there being a scaring Adventure or something, but nope. Paintball. But it’s still cool though and worth a play if you dug the paintball mechanics in the play set.

Sulley has a Crystal variant figure as an exclusive at Toys R Us.

Mike Wazowski


Mike is probably my favorite from the Monsters universe. Funny, adorable, I mean, what’s not to love? Of course there’s the whole green eyeball with legs thing, but after a while you tend to look past that.

Mike profile

As a figure he is spot on, and fairly proportionate to Sulley. Rocking the braces from the movie, he was my go-to monster to play in the play set with.

He has the same attacks as Sulley – a shoulder charge and a roar. Although, sadly for Mike, neither of which is as fearsome as Sulley’s. Poor dude can never catch a break.

Still though, he’s a great figure with his detailed spots on his back. It’s fun to play as him and have him rolling around everywhere. He feels a lot quicker than Sulley and it’s a blast to go around the play set with him.

His Adventure: Mike’s Scare Pig Dash – This one is more true to the character. You’re riding Archie the Scare Pig around while collecting orbs. The more orbs you pop, the more points you get. The more points you get, the more spins you get.

It’s a fun game with all the more valuable orbs in harder to reach places like floating about on and around platforms. I liked how they incorporated Archie with Mike. It really fits his character.

Mike’s New Car was featured as the first rare power disc that had a timed exclusivity with Toys R Us. It was later released as a regular series 2 power disc.



Randall is a great looking figure. And he was the one figure that Seb was always begging for before we got the game. As soon as we’d walk into a store he’d ask if he can go look at it, knowing we couldn’t get it because we didn’t even own the game it went with. So yeah, thanks, Disney.

Randall profile

He’s got this menacing look about him, looking like he’s up to no good. But if you’ve seen the movie, you know it’s just that he’s not wearing his glasses and he’s making the face because he needs to squint to see. Poor Randall. So misunderstood.

Speaking of glasses, that’s always been one thing that made me scratch my head. If this is the Randall from Monsters University, then why doesn’t he have his glasses?! Mike has his braces? So where are Randall’s glasses? Also, as I mentioned, he was sold in the villains 3-pack along with Davy Jones and Syndrome. He’s definitely known as the villain in Monsters, Inc., but in MU he’s not a “bad guy” till the end. And he’s not even bad then, just in with the wrong crowd until he makes that vow to himself. Again.. Poor, misunderstood, Randall.

Anyway, all the confusion about him aside, he’s a great figure. Beautiful colors along his back. And like I said, that classic, menacing look.

For combat, his attack is a type of roll where he curls up into a ball and rolls himself at baddies. He also has a roar. But, something else he has that the other monsters don’t, and what sets him apart from all (but 1!) the Disney Infinity characters… He can turn invisible! The same button used to get Mike and Sulley to sneak up on unsuspecting guards before they scare them, turns Randall invisible. It’s a great ability to have especially on those sneaking missions. I guess it’s a good thing he doesn’t have his glasses on.

Heeeeeeeeeeeeeyyyy!! Thaaaaaaaaaat’s whhhhhhhhhhhhy!

His Adventure: Randy’s Scavenger Hunt – You’re in the sewers and you’re trying to avoid guards while trying to collect orbs for points.

This adventure had so much potential with Randall’s disappearing ability, but you don’t even get to use it here! You’re trying to sneak around and collect stuff but you can’t turn invisible so as soon as you turn a corner you can be seen and it’s all a race to beat them up before they beat you up. I wasn’t really a fan because it was more of a missed opportunity than anything. I guess I was just really hoping for another adventure like Violet’s.

Alright, there is the Monsters University Play Set and its figures. Again, I stand by this play set despite its lack of action compared to the others. I love the way they made it actually. Again, it stays true to everything in the Monsters universe so what more can you ask for?

Until next time!

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